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Joolz Fic and Stuff

12 November
I used to be a faithful SG-1 only gal, but by now am a fandom slut. Have lost count of all of them!

I seem to be creeping farther into the lj world all the time. I'm slowly friending here and there, but how do people with hundreds of friends keep up with the posts? (ETA: I can now answer this question. They don't. At least, I don't.)

Feel free to friend this lj or unfriend at will, no permision needed. Posts will mostly be fic announcements or fic related thoughts and occasionally something I've found amusing. Some are f-locked due to content. All fic can be found at my website as well.

*** Happy is the fandom that has an adorable moodtheme like the one I'm using! SGA Moodtheme created by slodwick from original artwork by spaggel. :)

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